non-fungible telepathy


While working in the Japanese entertainment industry, the man works for a Korean content conglomerate and happens to meet a young woman while in Seoul
I thought that's what she meant because she was active and active in men
The man worked at a goshiwon, and the woman visited the man every day
When they met, they walked along the Yangjaecheon Stream
And we talked about each other's dreams and hopes
Then, the man is introduced to a young aspiring entertainer at the recommendation of an acquaintance and enters the entertainment business
The woman who became the man's girlfriend suffered a hard time helping the man's entertainment business, and it didn't make any money
The man was tired and tired
The woman made money by working part-time alone and gave money to the man to help
The man had another thing to do
And I formed an NGO organization and held a Busan Film Festival and an event
But the man didn't notice that the woman was getting sick
Then one day, the woman suddenly collapsed and the man took the woman to the hospital
At that time, the man was distracted by what he had opened, there was no contact from the woman, and he thought the condition was not serious
Then suddenly, the woman's cell phone number disappeared and she lost contact, so the man began to worry
Then the man paced around the woman's house from time to time and then gradually became forgotten
And as time approaches a year, the man suddenly hears telepathy from someone
"Asking for help"
"Please save me"
The man is convinced that the sound comes from a woman
The man started looking for the woman, but he couldn't find her at all
Then, by chance, she finds out that she is in a facility somewhere, and for the next 10 years, she goes to facilities and nursing homes across the country
Then eventually, a man accidentally finds a woman in a nursing home
Nursing homes are wary of men's appearances, and contact with women is blocked
The man appeals to possible means and laws, but no one pays attention
And years later, the woman was freed from the facility by the man's persistent efforts and struggles
And a few months later, the two of them pass by accidentally, but the woman doesn't recognize the man
Just as a man is satisfied that a woman has become a free body, he pretends not to know and goes his own way
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